The change from rigid packaging to innovative and flexible packaging options is a trend that continues to be driven by the ever-increasing consumer demand for convenience and sustainability. Flexible packaging offers unparalleled opportunities to increase brand impact, protect products, enhance shelf-life, and save on freight and storage space costs.

We offer flexible packaging solutions for diverse industries including pet care, food, home and personal care. All of our materials can be supplied to your specifications including special features such as zipper closure, tear notch, valve, perforation, printing and lamination.

Our extensive range of flexible packaging products include the following:

Stand Up Pouches

We offer a wide range of unprinted & printed stand up (bottom gusset/doy) pouches, in a variety of sizes with optional features, including resealable zippers, tear notches, euro and round hanging slots, handle punch, hole punch and rounded corners.

Flat Bottom Pouches

The flat bottom bag offers exceptional steadiness due to its perfect box shape. This also improves visibility on store shelves and enhances the brand appearance.

Flat Pouches

We offer a wide range of unprinted & printed flat (3 side seal) pouches, in a variety of sizes, to suit a range of applications.

Spout Pouches

Get all the benefits of stand up pouches but with easy to open, easy to use and easy to reclose spouts. Spouts are the ideal closure solution for direct consumption and easier use.

Anti Static Bags

Our resealable anti static storage bags are designed to protect sensitive electrical components from static electricity. Bags are reusable & heat-sealable.

Rewind Films

Our rewind films provide great a shelf life for a wide range of fresh, chilled and frozen supermarket and bulk-packed products.

Our films are designed with the essential strength, puncture resistance and barrier properties required to maintain your product at peak freshness, using only the highest-quality films from our approved suppliers.

Side Gusset Bags

Side gusset bags have become a packaging favorite as they are convenient, stylish and durable. Gusseted bags are the latest trend in the packaging industry. They are chosen due to their ease of use and less space occupying factor.

Retort Pouches

The pouches suitable for sterilisation and hot-fill applications.