Custom Paper Cylinders

Our Custom Paper Canister,  a premium packaging solution tailored to meet your unique needs. This eco-friendly canister is expertly crafted using high-quality paper, ensuring durability and sustainability.

With its customisable design, you can showcase your brand logo and product information effectively. The compact and sturdy construction provides excellent protection for a variety of items, including food, cosmetics, and small accessories.

Embrace sustainability with this recyclable canister, reducing your environmental impact while delivering exceptional quality. Choose our Custom Paper Canister to enhance your brand image and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Types of Paper Tubes We Offer:

One-piece Paper Tubes
Two-piece Paper Tubes
Three-piece Paper Tubes

One-piece paper tubes, often referred to as convolute tubes, are cylindrical containers made from winding a single continuous strip of paper or paperboard around a mandrel to achieve the desired diameter and wall thickness. Unlike three-piece tubes that consist of separate components for the body and the ends, one-piece tubes are a seamless structure, usually closed at one end by the tube material itself, which is folded or pinched closed.

Here are the key characteristics of one-piece paper tubes:

  1. Construction: They are constructed from a single piece of paper or paperboard that is spirally wound or convolutely wound. This process involves layering paper upon itself while applying adhesive, creating a strong, uniform wall thickness.

  2. Ends: One end of the tube is often closed during the manufacturing process, either by pinching and sealing the paper itself or by using an integrated paper fold. The other end might remain open for the insertion of the product, or it can be closed after filling with a cap or a plug.

  3. Usage: One-piece paper tubes are commonly used for packaging less fragile items like posters, blueprints, and other rolled documents. They are also used for certain food products, such as chips and other snacks that benefit from airtight, cylindrical packaging.

  4. Benefits: This type of packaging is cost-effective, lightweight, and offers a reasonable degree of protection for its contents. It is also highly customizable in terms of length, diameter, and wall thickness, and can be easily printed on for branding purposes.

One-piece paper tubes are valued for their simplicity and the convenience they offer, especially for items that need to be accessed by unrolling or squeezing out the product.

Two-piece paper tubes consist of two main components, which are often designed to fit together snugly. These components are:

  1. Base or Inner Tube: This is the longer section of the tube where the product is placed. It is typically cylindrical and made from layers of paperboard or cardboard, offering structural stability and protection to the contents.

  2. Lid or Cap: The second piece is a lid or cap that fits over the open end of the base. This lid can be designed to slide over the base tube (telescopic lid) or to fit into it (shoulder lid). The fit can vary from loose to airtight, depending on the product requirements.

Here are some additional details about two-piece paper tubes:

  • Manufacturing: Similar to other types of paper tubes, the components are made by winding paper or paperboard around a mandrel to create a strong, cylindrical shape. Adhesives are used to maintain the structural integrity of the tube.

  • Usage: Two-piece tubes are popular in various industries, including cosmetics, food, and retail. They are especially favored for products that require a premium presentation, such as perfumes, candles, and specialty foods. The design of these tubes makes them ideal for gift packaging as well.

  • Customization and Branding: Both the base and the lid can be customized with different colors, finishes, and printing options. This customization makes two-piece tubes an excellent choice for brands that wish to enhance their product presentation and increase consumer engagement.

  • Environmental Considerations: Two-piece paper tubes are often made from recyclable materials, making them an environmentally friendly packaging option. Additionally, their sturdy construction usually allows them to be reusable.

Two-piece tubes are valued for their elegance and practicality, offering both protection and a visually appealing package for a variety of products.

Three-piece paper tubes are a specific type of cylindrical packaging solution that consists of three distinct components:

  1. Inner Tube: This is the main body of the tube where the product is placed. It is typically made from a sturdy paperboard that can protect the contents from damage and external environmental factors.

  2. Outer Tube or Sleeve: This part slides over the inner tube, often fitting snugly to secure the contents inside. The outer tube can also serve as a branding surface, as it is commonly used for printing labels, logos, or other marketing materials.

  3. End Caps: These are the pieces that fit onto the ends of the inner tube to close the package. End caps can be made from paperboard, plastic, or metal, depending on the level of security and aesthetic the packager desires.

Three-piece paper tubes are popular in various industries for packaging products such as cosmetics, food items, beverages, and even some types of apparel. They are appreciated for their durability, reusability, and the excellent protection they provide, as well as for being an eco-friendly packaging option.

Closure Options:

Aluminum Foil
Tin Plate
Shaker Top

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