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 Showcase Your Brand with Coffee Bags from Vivo Packaging and Stand Out from the Crowd

Box Bottom Coffee Bags from Vivo Packaging Offer the Utmost Level of Barrier Protection


If you are looking for coffee bags that will provide the utmost level of barrier protection to your coffee, box bottom coffee bags from Vivo Packaging are the best. These bags are perfect for packaging teas and coffee beans. In addition, they provide long-lasting protection, enough space for custom labeling, and they are excellent for retail displays.

Owing to the design of the box, our box bottom coffee bags stand without any support, making your packaging process an uncomplicated and easy experience.

Coffee Packaging is commonly manufactured in the following types:

  • stand up pouches
  • side gusset pouches
  • one side / quad sealed pouches
  • flat bottom pouches

It is very important to preserve the roasted coffee beans to enjoy the best flavour and aroma when brewed. Improper storage results in quick oxidation which deteriorates the quality of the coffee beans.

Aluminium foil metalised films are best to use in packaging due to coffee beans sensitivity to oxygen. We offer a wide range of coffee bags in different sizes and colours according to the requirement and budget of the customers. We utilise the latest equipment to create stunning and attractive printed bags for custom orders.

There are different ways to stand out in the packaging industry. However, the box bottom coffee bags produced by us make a statement. Our box bottom coffee bag combines the benefits of a standup pouch and conventional side gusseted bag, and turns it to a package that sits comfortably on the shelf. Our packaging boxes don’t tip over and they square up perfectly.

Vivo Packaging Pty Ltd produces a wide range of flexible packaging specially made for maintaining the freshness of your coffee. Box bottom coffee bags are just great and perfect for ground coffee and roasted beans.

To guarantee that your brand stands out from the crowd, we made our coffee bags in more than a few finishes – the natural Kraft of these coffee bags provides your products with an organic feel, even as our coloured foils provide first-class feeling on the shelf.

As a foremost manufacturer of box bottom coffee bags and other types of coffee bags, we allow you to tailor flexible pouches and packaging bags for your coffee products in size, thickness, materials, colour and printing; such as matte and glossy finishes.

We have been helping our clients to grow their businesses with affordable, efficient, and effective coffee bags and other packaging solutions, with the help of our skilled and experienced staff. With us, you will find assortments of flexible packaging products particularly made to fulfill the needs of every customer.

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