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Side Gusseted Bags from Vivo Packaging Pty Ltd Capture Bold Flavours and Aromas

Vivo Packaging Pty Ltd is the market leader in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting Premium quality side gusset bags across the world.

Side Gusset Bags are named for the gusset, or fold, on either side of the bag. The gussets expand when the package is filled with product, and the weight of the product usually holds the bag upright. This package format has two long faces, or panels, on the front and the back for product branding.

The side gusset bag is the recognized format for coffee packaging today. It is also widely used in other markets such as, pet food, powders goods, teas and other specialty food products.

Vivo Packaging side gusseted coffee bags are renowned bags used for packaging whole or ground coffee beans, loose-leaf teas, nuts, powdered mixes, and lots more. These foil gusseted coffee bags are ideal for sampling due to their narrow width. The addition of a one-way degassing valve makes side gusseted bags ideal for coffee packaging.

One-way degassing valve releases carbon dioxide from freshly roasted coffee beans, making it indispensable for coffee bags. Degassing valves keep your coffee fresh and prevent the coffee bags from bursting.

Our side gusseted bags will make your coffee taste better and long-lasting. They capture bold flavours and aromas, even after roasting.

Side Gusset Bags from Vivo Packaging Pty Ltd are the staple among all other Coffee and Tea packaging solutions. All our gusset coffee bags are manufactured of the utmost quality materials, thereby guaranteeing longer fresher shelf life for all your products.

As a leading importer, supplier, and manufacturer of side gusset bags, our bags provide unique and innovative form of packaging. Side gusseted coffee bags are available in a wide range of sizes and colours like matte and gloss finishes.

In addition, they have quad seal or block bottom construction that gives additional durability and able to package heavier products. These fit perfectly with any of the packaging accessories like tin ties, bag clips, and resealable tape. If you want to make a statement about your product, gusseted coffee bags made by Vivo Packaging are the perfect choice.

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