Reusable and Sustainable Food Packaging to Reduce Waste

Reusable and Sustainable Food Packaging to Reduce Waste

Packaging plays a very important role in our current lifestyle. Through them, we can transmit messages, contain and protect the products we want to sell, publicize our brand, and much more. However, given the huge number of units that are produced daily and the misuse that can be exerted on them, packaging has become a highly polluting factor for the environment.

The problem lies in the following way: once the consumer uses a product, the packaging becomes waste. That is, when someone spends what is inside the packaging, then they just throw it away. As a result, these very useful elements became somewhat dangerous to the planet -in those cases where they are not produced correctly.

So, is it possible to create packaging and reduce its environmental impact?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Large companies produce huge quantities of containers, bottles, and other types of tools that can be used to store products. This mass production, in conjunction with its subsequent disposal, results in several kinds of packaging that are unhealthy for the environment. But what if we forgot to throw them away?

As you read, it is completely possible to avoid the stage where packaging becomes a type of waste, and this is thanks to reusable and sustainable packaging.

The advancement of technology and the expansion of movements in favor of the preservation of natural resources have led companies and consumers to be more aware of the proper use of packaging. Thanks to this, we currently have versions of all kinds, including those that can be reused, recycled, and even composted. All this is done under the premise that it is necessary to aim towards a circular economy, which translates to making the most out of materials to use them again and again. In this way, the level of contamination derived from its excessive use reduces.

Our packaging strategy.

At Vivo Packaging, we are in charge of creating a large percentage of sustainable packaging that is optimised to be reused once the customer spends or extracts what it contains. To do this, we employ sustainable materials and smart designs to increase the life cycle of packaging.

The main purpose of this initiative is to prevent waste from being disposed of in harmful quantities and, consequently, preventing it from damaging the environment. In this sense, we carry out the following actions:

  • -Use of recyclable materials as raw material for the creation of packaging.
  • -Creation of compostable packaging that can decompose in favorable conditions for the environment.
  • -Reduction in the volume of traditional plastic and increased use of bioplastics for the production of packaging.
  • -Promotion of awareness campaigns where people are motivated to reuse the packaging they obtain.

If you have a business or sell any type of product and you need good packaging that helps you take care of the environment, then this is the solution for you. The world has evolved, and so has the commercial industry. Producing reusable and sustainable packaging is a palpable reality that, in addition to the environmental benefits it has, can greatly help your brand or project.