Packaging Innovation – Why Every Brand Needs to Innovate Their Packaging

Packaging Innovation – Why Every Brand Needs to Innovate Their Packaging

Do you know the importance of innovation? Innovation makes the difference between losing a sale, settling in the tastes of the buyer and performing successfully in competitive markets. Did you know that the first 5 seconds of contact with the product are essential in the decision process that a consumer exerts on his purchase? And, as you have in mind… The first thing they encounter is with the package!

We have been accustomed to packaging throughout our lives but, today, we can appreciate how the big brands or companies have focused their attention on creating increasingly unique products and services with more specific objectives. One of the most influential aspects is the client’s necessities. A company or brand must adapt what it offers to what the public needs and, since we live in a changing society where nothing is static, the best tools to achieve this are innovation and creativity.

Why is it important to innovate in packaging?

Well, we must do it for many reasons but, fundamentally, because our consumer also evolves, the market evolves; our needs are transformed every day thanks to diverse and dynamic elements of the environment. In this matter, the packaging “engineers” have, then, the imperative duty of studying the essence, nature and permanent transformations of the consumer. An example of this is the constant food packaging innovation. Currently, getting lighter, attractive and comfortable packaging for the consumer, produced in an efficient and sustainable way with the environment, is the challenge of a sector that must constantly adapt to the trends and demands of an increasingly demanding audience. For that reason, there are now lighter PET containers for beverages, containers with cutlery included for cold foods and snacks, smart labels that are printed directly on the container and change color when the content is no longer appropriate and more.

In the same way, it is important to understand that innovation allows us to differentiate a product from the competition and generate a greater impact on the public. Good packaging can significantly improve the relationship between a company and its customers. In addition, they provide positive elements that work directly with the perception that customers have about the brand as well as with the visibility it has in terms of sales.

“At the moment, packaging has taken a great role. There is more and more innovation and creativity to generate greater impact. Before, packaging was a silent seller, now the packaging screams, attracts, seduces and creates a link between the consumer and the brand.” experts say. And it is here that we can see how, within the design of the packaging, it is already implied that a brand must persuade the consumer at the point of sale, since it has been proven that it is there where the purchase decision is finally made.

In conclusion, packaging is responsible for the differentiation, promotion, purchase decision and attraction of customers… So, innovating in this area can give you many advantages in terms of sales of your product and the loyalty of your audience regarding your image. So, the next time you run your company’s design processes, don’t forget about it!