Packaging Design Trends of 2019

Packaging Design Trends of 2019

While it comes about product packaging, 2019 has brought us many innovations as well as fresh new choices to experiment with, aesthetically & functionally. Also, 2019 may pick up the right where 2018 left off. So, get ready for seeing the designers to play with the color, graphics as well as materials in some exciting new ways. So, here I have compiled the list of some highly influential trends in the packaging design we will see in the year 2019. As the designers, to evolve with the changing trends and styles, we should take a little time to analyze tendencies that impact our trade. Only when we reflect on the evolution of the design we are seeing everywhere, we will anticipate trends to come & work on shaping the future in the new & inspiring ways.

Transparent Packaging – The brands & businesses can’t escape the transparency and consumer’s desire for getting the sneak peek of what is inside. What was earlier thought to be very expensive to make has become expected.

Making the Statement – Shoppers, particularly Millennials & Gen Z, search for more than only good taste while it comes about products. They may seek out the brands or companies that stand for something. Particularly if buying the product initiates the donation and supports the cause important for them.

Vintage Packaging – Search for many packaging that recalls the vintage feel with the color and graphic elements, with the modern twist. And these are very important with the artisanal products, and those having the homemade quality or appeal. Vintage conveys exclusivity. This allows the consumer to feel like they have collected something instead of making the purchase. The vintage-themed package is the hot packaging trends of 2019 and vintage design will allow the consumer to feel that they have collected something instead of making the purchase.

No Plastic Packaging – The plastic-free packaging is pushing for the bigger splash in its packaging design arena, 2019 might be a year when that happens. In 2018 we saw some major developments & brand endorsements for the plastic-free packaging, like plastic-free shop aisle and opened in Netherlands & L’Oreal’s development of the compostable & recyclable shower bottle. Naturally, it will not be a very simple transition. The plastics, in many forms, have a high percentage of packaging materials that are used in the food industry, no matter whether individually or incorporations in some other packages of materials. Still, there is a reason to stay hopeful. Many packages are featuring the plastic-free alternatives, like algae-based plastic & mushroom Styrofoam than before. In the year 2019, with the customers seeking more eco-friendly brands, the plastic-free packaging will make a big display it has deserved.

Telling the Story – Best packaging tells the compelling story. The good brand story will get conveyed in each visual branding piece for the business. Also, the brand story is a backbone of identity. Packaging will often be an effective way of telling your story most compellingly.