Package Beef Jerky like a Pro

Package Beef Jerky like a Pro

Jerky is a specialized kind of meat which has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips or small pieces and treated with salt and dried to prevent it from getting spoiled. Beef jerky is considered a healthier type of meat as it has very low-fat content and contains mono-saturated fats that are good for the body. Beef jerky is also delicious to eat. But to prevent the good nutrients and taste from getting spoiled, beef jerky needs to be packaged appropriately.

Features of an ideal beef jerky packaging:

The packaging should have a strong barrier film lamination to ensure that the flavour and nutritional value of the meat are not lost.

Multiple layers of this barrier film make the packaging even better.

The packaging should either have a hole so that it can be hung in the store or it should have a stand-up mechanism. This is because beef jerky might get spoiled if the packets are piled on top of each other.

The stand-up mechanism in the packaging is ideal for larger quantities of beef jerky and hang holes are best for bags containing smaller quantities.

The beef jerky packaging should come with vacuum sealing technology because air trapped inside the bag may meddle with the freshness of the product.

Desiccants should be used in the packaging of beef jerky to avoid moisture build-up inside the packet.

A thick multi-layer packaging is ideal as it prevents the beef jerky from becoming mouldy.

Ordinary plastic or foil bags should never be used to package jerky because it is live meat and poor packaging may lead to bacteria build-up. Consumption of such meat can make the customers extremely ill.

Beef jerky should ideally be packaged in ultra-high barrier plastic fibres or metalized polyester.

Best Ways of Packaging Beef Jerky

Flat Pouches

Flat pouches are the most convenient beef jerky packaging. They are lightweight, seal the heat and come with a hole so that they can be hung from pegs or hooks.

Metallised Pouches

These are the best type of beef jerky packaging as they have a multi-laminate structure that seals in all the flavour and freshness of the jerky. These are made up of metalized polyester, are extremely durable and cater mainly to the niche market. They can stand and come with zippers.

Stand-up Pouches made with Rice Paper

Rice paper is a non-woven material made up of plastic fibres. These bags are convenient as they do not need to be hung. They are also more durable and come in attractive textures and colours.

Clear Stand-up Bags

These bags have a hardy bottom and stand straight. They are a great option for displaying the actual product inside the bags. These bags can also be labelled in various ways.

Beef jerky is an ideal snack as it provides essential nutrients and proteins. Though the meat is processed to remain unspoiled for days, it still needs to be packaged in the ideal way to prevent it from losing its flavour, its freshness and prevent bacteria build up. Serving your customers with the freshest and most nutritious beef jerky should be your ultimate goal. Our beef jerky packaging solutions are technologically advanced and extremely convenient. Our packaging solutions will ensure that your customers get the tastiest and most nutritious beef jerky in the market.