Innovative Packaging Options for Sweets, Candies and Confectioneries

Innovative Packaging Options for Sweets, Candies and Confectioneries

Sweets, candies and confectionaries are items that we all love to eat. From kids to grown-ups – all have a fetish for pretty, sweet, edible things. Sweet, candy or confectionary packaging should be done keeping in mind this aspect of the product. Candies and sweets should be marketed in an attractive way so that they are allure kids and grown-ups too.

Plastic, metallic, fibre or even paper pouches are used to package sweet edibles. Whether or not pouches are a good option for packaging sweets, candies or confectionaries depends on the item in question. Sweet edibles are sometimes soft and plastic packaging may alter the shape of the item. Again for candies that people like to nibble on, on the go, pouches are a great option. Let us explore some popular and convenient options for packaging sweets, candies and confectionaries.

Paper wrapping

Chocolates and ‘homemade’ or ‘handmade’ labelled sweets should be packed in paper wrappings. This gives a very cosy, earthy and simple look to the packaging. It reminds the customer of his or her Christmas gifts as a child. Paper packaging is eco-friendly and also attractive as it takes the shape of the candy or the chocolate. Colourful stickers put on the simple paper packaging, bearing the name of the brand, ingredients etc look great. Candy themed marble paper may also be used to wrap these bars to make it more appealing to kids.

Vintage Tins

Vintage candies have a special appeal. Not only candies, but confectionaries such as cookies don’t appeal that much if they are put inside plastic bags or boxes. Tins are re-usable, 100% airtight and ensure freshness of the product, especially if the products are from the confectionary. The keep the cookies crisp and prevent them from getting soggy. Vintage tins might be a bit on the costlier side.

Plastic Bag with Label

Transparent plastic bags that show the product inside has a separate appeal in the market as customers can see the actual product and can buy them and eat them on the go, just like a bag of chips. To make this packaging more interesting a colourful cardboard label is attached to the bag with the brand’s name and other details of the product.

Wooden or Plastic Gift Boxes

Sweets are a great and safe gift as everyone likes them. But boring packaging can take away the thrill of receiving such a gift. Thus sweet, confectionary and candy packaging should be pretty and attractive. Wooden or plastic boxes are a great way to package candies and sweets as they can be easily made to look attractive and colourful. These boxes are also re-usable.

Paper Boxes

Wooden and plastic boxes when used for packaging sweets, candies and confectionary items might end up becoming a bit costly. So paper boxes come to the rescue! Paper boxes are eco-friendly and light. They also make up cute little gifts. Paper boxes tied with a ribbon and decorated with some colourful elements make great packaging for small quantities of sweet edibles like a couple of chocolates or cupcakes.

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