How to choose the right colour scheme to fit your brand?

How to choose the right colour scheme to fit your brand?

Have you ever wondered how powerful colours are? Did you know that visual elements, depending on their tonalities, can lead people to perform certain actions? From this fact derives the great importance that colours have for the image and identity of brands.

In this sense, colours are your allies since they can make the difference between the success and failure of your business, which is why you should know how to choose the right colour scheme to fit your brand. Do you want to know that information? Continue reading this post and turn colours into your support tools to enhance your project.

  • -Think first about the personality of your brand.

Many people get carried away by their tastes and perceptions when choosing the colour palette for their brand, but this is a serious mistake. Each brand has its personality, style, and tone of communication, and the colours must be consistent with these three factors.

So, the first step to correctly choosing a colour palette is knowing how you want your clients or prospects to see your brand. If you want your brand to have a cheerful appearance, then you should use colours that reflect that kind of emotion.

  • -Focus on quality and not quantity.

Another very common mistake is using too many colours for a single palette. People usually choose six colours to create it, but this can lead to an unpleasant result. Only choose two or three colours that you can use strategically to project your real brand message instead.

Of those colours, use one as the base for the design, and the other (or others) will be the shades that complement the main colour. Also, you can play with tints or shades to give it a more creative or different look, as well as combining them in different ways until you find the best alternative.

  • -Choose colours that work together.

This is another of the most relevant aspects when it comes to choosing a colour palette. As with some ingredients in the kitchen or some clothes, there are colours that work very well together and others that become a total disaster if you combine them into a composition.

For that reason, you should take your time to define what colours you can use in combinations that can favour your brand. You must choose colours that can coexist without problems. One colour can’t do all the work, so you need good allies and collaborators.

You can also follow these tips to achieve better harmony:

  • -Seek help from a professional graphic designer who can guide you in selecting the colour palette.
  • -Remember that there are two ways to read colours: RGB and CMYK. RGB colours are for the digital environment, such as websites or social, networks while CMYK colours apply to the printed stuff, including flyers, billboards, and packaging.
  • -Be creative and take risks but always do tests before making a final decision and take into account the aspects that we have discussed throughout the post.

Now that you know this information, are you ready to choose the best colour palette for your brand? Remember that, as we mentioned at the beginning, this can lead you directly to success!