Health benefits of moringa

Health benefits of moringa

Moringa plant is starting to get more popular as the new “superfood” for the highly nutritious profile as well as powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant as well as tissue-protective elements among other health advantages. Moringa oleifera, known as the horseradish tree, drumstick tree or ben tree, is the small tree from Nepal, India, and Pakistan, and is used for many generations in the Eastern countries for treating & preventing certain diseases like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, anemia, respiratory, skin, liver disease, and digestive disorders. And Moringa has become very popular as the natural powder supplement, even though pods, bark, roots, seeds, flowers, as well as fruits, are edible. It is used as the traditional remedy for a lot of ailments, so here are some scientifically-backed benefits of having moringa leaf:

It is nutrient-packed.

Moringa is a highly rich source of minerals, vitamins, or amino acids. It has significant amounts of vitamin A, C & E; calcium; protein and potassium.

Fights off free radicals

The antioxidants fight the free radicals, molecules, which cause oxidative stress, inflammation, and cell damage. Moringa has antioxidants named flavonoids, ascorbic and polyphenols acid in leaves, flowers & seeds. The study found that the leaf extracts had higher antioxidant activity and free-radical-scavenging ability as well as higher inhibition of the lipid, protein & DNA oxidation than seeds and flowers. It means this prevents damage & degradation that the free radicals cause cells of the different organs of your body, and keeping them very healthy and working at the best.

What is more, findings from the animal-based research, the laboratory experiments, as well as small clinical studies also indicate that the moringa shows assure in the treatment of many health conditions. A lot of research is required to confirm such findings, however, there is preliminary evidence that the moringa might protect against following health problems:

Asthma: For the study published in Pharmacology, around 20 patients with mild and moderate asthma were offered finely powdered moringa kernels for over three weeks. By study’s end, the participants showed some significant improvement in the symptoms as well as in the severity of the asthma attacks.

Diabetes: Moringa extract can help to fight diabetes, as per the study published in the Journal of the Diabetes. In tests on the diabetic rats, the scientists observed the progression of disease was reduced significantly after the treatment with moringa.

Cardiovascular disease: The extracts of moringa leaf might help to treat dyslipidemia, the condition that is marked by the elevated levels of the cholesterol, triglycerides (a type of the blood fat), and both. That is the finding of the research review published that focused on the current scientific data on the health effects of the moringa leaf extract. Review also found preliminary evidence that the moringa leaf extract can help to control diabetes.

Besides supplying the hefty amount of the antioxidants, moringa powder might help to lower down the blood sugar, decrease inflammation as well as improve the heart function.