Best Powder Package Solutions to Keep your Product Fresh

Best Powder Package Solutions to Keep your Product Fresh

Starting from powdered consumables like different kinds of spices, beverages like coffee to medicines to products of personal care like talcum powder and household necessities like bleach, detergents etc – the FMCG market is filled with products that are available in the powdered form. Are you looking for powder packaging solutions for your products? Is your current packaging technique meddling with the quality of your product? At Vivo Packaging, we have developed new scientific ways of powder packaging and our best minds are constantly at work, researching and developing new and innovative powder packaging solutions. Let us find out the most effective and best ways of packaging powder products.

The two most popular and widely used powder packaging solutions are the zipper pouch and the tin can.

Zipper Pouches for spice and herb powders

To retain the flavour and fragrance of spices and herbs, it is important that they are packaged in air-tight bags that lock in the goodness and do not let atmospheric moisture and odours to touch the actual product. Traditional packaging like glass jars, cans and bottles also do the job but they are bulky and not at all travel-friendly. Our zipper pouches retain the freshness of the product and increase its shelf life. We offer powder packaging solutions for spices and herbs both for the retail and the wholesale sector.

Tin Packaging

A lot of nutritious ingredients go into the formulation of certain products like health drinks, protein powders etc. Many of these ingredients are highly reactive to atmospheric stimuli and lose their best if they come in contact with air, light or moisture. To seal in this nutrition, we go for tin packaging. This packaging not only ensures potency of the product but is also FDA approved and reusable. Tin cans increase the appeal of the product as they can be labelled effectively to attract customers.

Beverages like coffee and other consumables available in the powder form can be packaged in various ways:

Pillow Bags

This is the most simple powder packaging solution when it comes to retail packaging of powdered consumables. These are cost effective and are used to package smaller quantities of products. These are very popular as single-use packaging.

Flat Bottomed Bag

This brick-shaped package can stand on its own sparing the consumer the headache of pouring the product in another container for later use. This packaging technique ensures a long shelf life and the opening can be folded and re-sealed to retain freshness.


A doypack is perhaps the most popular type of powder packaging solution with customers. These bags can stand on their own and are provided with a zipper. Though they are not very costly, they give an impression of a luxury product.

Quad Seal Bags

The quad seal bag is known to retain the freshness and aroma of the product. It is thus very popular with as a powder packaging solution for tea and coffee. Though the cost per packaging is a bit higher with quad seal bags due to their crisp side seals, they can be used for pack bigger quantities of products as they effectively keep the product fresher for longer.


When little single-use packages in huge numbers are packed together within a bigger packaging, we call it Bag-in-Bag or BIB packaging. This kind of packaging is seen mainly in the wholesale sector. BIB is used for products like spices, tea, coffee, fruit beverage powders etc.

Paper Canisters

Paper tubes with your company’s logo or branding are an effective means of getting your products into the hands of your customers and enhancing the unboxing experience. These paper tubes are a classy and premium solution for products in the powdered form.

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