Advantages of digitally printed compostable pouches

Packaging is part of the marketing and sales strategies of all companies today. In fact, it has transformed traditional marketing, giving way to a trend that focuses on flexible, varied, and small quantity options. When we talk about digital printing, we refer to the process of direct printing of a digital file to any type of material. But could you imagine doing it on compostable alternatives? That’s what our new product is all about.

Digitally printed compostable pouches.

At Vivo Packaging, we offer an extensive catalogue of designs and models for the packaging of a wide variety of products. However, this time, we bring one that will revolutionize the industry: it is our digitally printed compostable pouch. This new product combines the wonders of digital printing with the benefits of 100% compostable pouches and becomes one of the most modern packaging alternatives available to date.

Let’s know its advantages.

The digitally printed compostable pouches offer all the advantages of digital printing, together with the fact that it is a 100% compostable and environmentally friendly type of packaging. In this way, this is part of what you can enjoy if you go for an option like this.

It offers greater flexibility.

By not needing a matrix plate, digital printing offers high agility and flexibility in production. It means that it is much easier to make sudden changes to the packaging design. This type of printing leaves behind the analogue and indirect processes, which required hours of execution and did not admit variations.

It allows you to choose from a wide variety of materials and formats.

Unlike offset printing, digital printing offers a range of materials and formats that admit a much more personalised selection, considering different colours, textures, measurements, and more. In this sense, it gives companies greater freedom when creating advertising and communication material through their packaging.

It is much faster.

Thanks to digital printing, manufacturers can create their packaging more quickly. Fast production means that a company will be able to get its market to market faster. Besides, this type of printing also supports faster future changes. Therefore, updating digitally printed packaging is also very easy.

It does not harm the environment.

By maximising the performance of digital printing and using resources, digitally printed pouches tend to be less polluting and have a lower ecological impact. Moreover, this time, we are offering 100% compostable packaging, which becomes something much more beneficial for the planet.

High durability.

Finally, through digital printing, maximum definition and sharpness are achieved due to the fast drying and low absorption of the store by the material. It translates to more durable, high-quality, and long-lasting packaging.

We are launching Australia’s first digitally printed compostable pouches, and we invite you to enjoy all that this new type of packaging has to offer both for your brand or company and the environment.