Advantages of bags and pouches for peanuts packaging

Advantages of bags and pouches for peanuts packaging

Healthier, easier-to-store snacks have become more popular as consumers are more health-conscious and deal with busier routines.

That means nuts packed with protein and essential fats and vitamin-rich dried fruits have become the stars of supermarket shelves and vending machines.

Consequently, peanut packaging has evolved to meet those demands. Nut and dried fruit brands try to choose fancy and eye-catching packaging supplies, but they also need alternatives that protect and preserve their products.

In this sense, competition in the packaging industry is also growing. However, the most successful companies have chosen vertical peanut packaging bags or pouches to stand out from the crowd. Let’s know a bit more about them.


Bags have been a common form of food packaging for decades, especially for snacks like pretzels, potato chips, and dried fruit.

High-quality bags can separate the food from the environment to protect it, meaning they avoid the product’s contact with air and other environmental elements. Some of the most popular ones are the heat seal bags with euro-hole for hanging.

They usually meet these characteristics:

  • They are the best on-the-go alternative since they are long, of thin shape, and can be grabbed with just one hand.
  • They are easy to open as they have a notch and tear line.
  • They allow you to put primary branding on its top due to its front-end placement design.
  • They can be used to promote guilt-free products as they can be manufactured in small sizes for portion control.
  • They offer additional distribution points in stores, as they can be easily organised (euro-hole for hanging).
  • They usually have a transparent window for customers to see the quality of the product.


In addition to bags, another of the most used options for packing peanuts is pouches. These options are typically heat sealable, resealable, and reusable.

Stand-up pouches have become the favourite options for packaging peanuts for all the benefits they bring to both the product and the brand.

They are considered a superior alternative to rigid packagings such as bottles, cans, and jars because they keep unwanted oxygen, odours, and moisture out. Moreover, they have these characteristics:

  • They offer a wide opening for easy access to the product when snacking.
  • As they can stand up, they can be strategically placed on the shelves.
  • They are wide and stable for snacking in the car or on the table.
  • They can be manufactured in convenient formats as small pockets.
  • Some are easy to open and have a clean tear to open. No scissors are needed.
  • They can have design details printed with gloss or matt techniques.
  • If they have a zipper, they can improve freshness as it keeps peanuts fresher after opening.

Final thoughts.

You can find some other options, such as wrapping films for peanuts or even some cardboard cylinders. However, bags and pouches are currently the most recommended types of packaging, given all the advantages they promise for product storage and marketing.

Do you already know which one is the most convenient for you? If so, contact a specialist packaging company and get excellent results!