50ml Plastic PET Bottle for Motor Oil, Grease, and Gear Oil Storage

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Why PET is the world’s preferred packaging material

Product UsageEngine oil, cleaning detergent, storage or transportation of various liquids and chemicals
AvailabilityMade to Order
Minimum Order10,000 units
Neck Size18mm
MaterialPET Plastic
ColourCustom (Based on client’s specifications)
Turnaround TimeApproximately 8 weeks by sea (Air freight available at additional cost)
Contact for QuotePhone: (03) 8795 7742
Email: info@vivopak.com.au

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Our 50ml Plastic PET Bottle is designed for the safe storage and transportation of oils and chemicals. PET plastic is renowned for its clarity, durability, and safety, making it the world’s favourite packaging material. It doesn’t react with its contents, ensuring the purity of motor oil, grease, or gear oil is maintained. This bottle’s resilience to breaking and its lightweight nature make it an economical and secure choice, minimising the risk of spillage and contamination. This PET bottle stands as a reliable solution for your liquid storage needs.