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Safest packaging options for Pet Food

Did you know that the material used in packaging can alter Pet Food? Just as you read! That is why manufacturers must always use the most appropriate. If you are one of them or if you are looking for the best food packaging option for your dog, then this post is for you.

Remember: Another of the packaging choices that should be made more carefully is that of Pet Food. We all want to give our dog the best kibble, right? Well, let’s
review the safest alternatives in this regard:

  • 1.Plastic: Although some types of plastic may contain chemicals, not all are bad. There are ecological and safe options, such as biofilms, that are ideal for packaging food.
  • 2.Glass: Glass is clean, solid, and recyclable. So, it seems to be the perfect one, right? This option is safe as it has never been shown to filter any kind of particles, so the pet food will always stay protected.
  • 3.Steel, Tin, and Aluminum: We’ve seen millions of pet food brands using cans. You know why? Well, it is because they are a pretty safe option. They are usually coated with materials that protect the contents against loss of flavor and oxidation and, although in the past this was a worrying factor, there is enormous progress in developing safer coatings!
  • 4.Paper: Although this is not the favorite choice of manufacturers, it can be safe if handled carefully. Paper is brittle and wears easily. Therefore, paper packaging needs a coating to protect them. However, as long as these materials are safe, you will have nothing to worry about.
  • 5.Cardboard: It is similar to paper but with little more resistance. Also, it needs coatings to ensure the quality of the product. However, this is not a problem if safe coatings are used.

So, what do you think is the best option for Pet Food packaging? Now that you know all this information, which brand would you choose to feed your pet considering its packaging? Share your opinion with us!