Know our new partnership: Vivo Packaging teams up with REDcycle

Know our new partnership: Vivo Packaging teams up with REDcycle

We are pleased to announce our latest news: Vivo Packaging takes another step in its environmental commitment through a new partnership with REDcycle.

On our journey to become an eco-friendly leader in the packaging market, we have joined forces with RED Group, the consulting and recycling organization behind the REDcycle post-consumer soft plastic recovery program.

But what does this mean for our business and our customers?

What is the purpose of REDcycle?

Elizabeth Kasell came up with the great idea to start this program ten years ago after trying to find a way to understand why she couldn’t put her soft plastics in the same recycling bin.

Her investigation resulted in a curious discovery: there are differences between rigid plastics (like milk bottles) and soft plastics, but there are no existing programs to collect flexible soft plastics nor a place where such materials are actually recycled.

As a result, REDcycling was born. It’s an initiative that not only seeks to recover soft plastic after consumption but also to help manufacturers, retailers and consumers create a sustainable future through environmental responsibility. This is where we show up.

Greener future alongside REDcycle.

The packaging industry’s impact on the environment is undeniable. Over the years, most packaging pieces have been designed for single-use, so they are thrown away rather than reused or recycled. In fact, figures from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that food and food packaging materials account for nearly 50% of municipal solid waste.

However, packaging brands have become aware of the issue and have started working hard to find a solution. We are among them. In addition to offering biodegradable and compostable packaging, we have partnered with REDcycle to promote soft plastics recycling and reduce the environmental footprint related to the industry.

Following the program’s objective, we will optimise our practices to become a much more eco-friendly brand and help consumers find more opportunities to find their packaging another life, fulfilling the true purpose of recycling and supporting the circular economy.

Expectations of our partnership

In Australia, where environmental stewardship has become more important, products made from recycled materials are not very popular or highly valued. That’s why, by partnering with REDcycle, we hope to help build a strong market for products made from recycled soft plastics.

In addition, we look forward to supporting REDcycle’s mission to ensure consistent and sustainable extraction of raw materials to drive demand for recycling and create more products from soft plastics. We will do our bit to motivate other people and companies to adopt this concept and improve their future purchasing decisions while making our business more eco-friendly.

Our alliance not only means that we will work with cleaner raw materials, providing better and greener products for other brands, but also represents our commitment to this innovative space. We firmly believe that REDcycle has brought us much closer to recycling and environmental awareness, which we are sure will be a palpable reality in Australia sooner than expected.