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Custom Tray Boxes Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Do your products need a custom tray box manufacturer? Choosing the right packaging for your brand or product is crucial to the final look and appearance your consumers will see. Regardless of what you are selling, your end user will see care and value in the presentation their product has been encased in, that’s why high quality custom design and printing services are essential.

The foot lock tray from VIVO BOXES PRINTING is one of the trays used for securely packaging beverage bottles, medical items, beer bottles, retail products such as apparels and toys.

If you are looking to buy tray boxes and other tray shaped packaging in Australia, you can purchase these tray boxes at VIVO BOXES PRINTING. We have been supplying cheap and affordable tray boxes to businesses all over Australia with a 2-3 weeks turnaround time.

Through our focus, attention to detail and understanding of our client’s requirements, we have become one of Australia’s most accomplished packaging solutions companies in the industry. Becoming one of Australia’s preferred custom tray boxes wholesaler and Tray boxes manufacturer was as a result of hard work and premium customer care.

We strive to be the most respected tray boxes manufacturer in Australia. Focusing on ensuring we have a firm understanding of the custom design they require, then exceeding our client’s expectations, we deliver outstanding results that keeps our customers loyal to us.

Our experience will help make your brand and products stand out in your marketplace. We have years of experience helping Australian businesses and individuals with their packaging needs and provide affordable tray boxes manufacturing as part of our offering. With the option of high quality tray box printing you get the packaging your product deserves and your customers will love the final product.

Our Tray Boxes are Amazing

Passion is what drives our flawless packaging solutions. If you are looking for a tray boxes manufacturer to securely package your products, we are your one stop shop. Our foot lock tray and single wall trays are a great way to package your products in an attractive way. We know one size doesn’t fit all, we are respected for our unique custom tray box manufacturing, if you have specific packaging requirements get in touch with us to discuss.

We are confident you will be impressed with VIVO BOXES PRINTING and our tray box manufacturing capabilities, and we look forward to helping you get your desired packaging outcomes delivered.

Visit our website at and browse our catalogue. For more information about our Tray Boxes, contact us on +613 8795 7742 or Email VIVO BOXES PRINTING at

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