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It’s time to get creative with how you package your candles if you want to penetrate the market and attract more customers. The candle market is growing parallel to the product’s increasing importance in the modern world. People use candles for more than illumination purposes. They show care, stir emotions, offer mental health benefits through aromatherapy (with scented candles), and even play a crucial role in interior decorations. How you package your candles will do two things – one, encourage more people to buy your product (or otherwise), and two, protect its quality and freshness.

Present your candles beautifully with custom candle boxes

At Vivo Boxes, we will inspire you with our wide range of custom candle box packaging solutions and help you devise tailor-made packaging to upgrade your customer service and experience. We will print your candle boxes with the highest quality that will turn heads on sight. Buyers are drawn to what they see, especially if it’s a brand they haven’t tried before. Our candle boxes will help make your brand unique and attractive to target customers and increase sales. Let our talented and specialised team help you present your candles correctly.

Personalise your candle boxes with unique features

Candles come in different colours, sizes, and even fragrances, and your packaging solutions must highlight and market what’s unique about your product. The last thing you want to do is present your candles like any other already on the market. Instead, personalise your product with a custom printed candle box. Create an ideal size box for your product and its presentation by picking the right printing, colours, materials, and box style.

Custom candle box packaging can benefit you in many ways

Remember, your candle box represents your brand. It’s the first thing a potential customer will see and can influence how they judge your brand and product. Creating a customised candle box can improve your brand image and customer experience. Beyond that, partnering with Vivo Boxes for your candle packaging needs will benefit you in many ways. Here are a few of them.

  • Your business will stand out through personalisation: Custom packaging allows your products to stand out in a crowded market. You can personalise, style, or tailor the design of your candle boxes to suit your brand’s personality and your product’s unique qualities.
  • Enhanced protection: Our packaging solutions include an insert that helps increase the box’s overall strength and stability. That means your candles will get an added layer of protection, which is particularly important during transportation and storage. You won’t have to worry about damages from candles shifting out of position.
  • Secure positioning: Our insert also keeps your candles securely positioned, preventing them from colliding with each other. Your products will hold up well, maintaining fragrance, appearance, and original quality throughout the transportation and storage processes.
  • Better product presentation: Your candles will create a better visual effect when they’re neatly arranged and in place (thanks to our insert). The better your product presentation, the more appealing it becomes to a potential buyer and gift recipient.
  • Improved marketing effect: Custom candle packaging isn’t just for aesthetics and visual effects; it can also enhance your marketing process. Pick a custom packaging solution that allows you to display important product information like fragrance, ingredients, burn time and specific instructions. This additional info can attract more buyers.

Why partner with us?

You’ve probably seen other custom candle box services, so why pick us? Here are a few reasons:

  • No plate charges: There are no charges for the printing plates we use
  • High-quality offset printing: Thanks to our high-quality offset printing, you’ll enjoy a better and crisp image quality.
  • Custom size and size: Your packaging solution should meet unique product needs. We have a wide range of packaging styles and sizes you can choose from.
  • A simplified ordering process: Ordering your custom candle boxes from us is a breeze. Our easy ordering process will ensure that your boxes arrive on time.
  • Industry-standard boxes: We don’t compromise on quality, so all our boxes meet set industry standards. We remain committed to manufacturing exceptional candle boxes of the highest standard.

Pick from different box styles

We cover different box styles, perfect for different products. Regardless of your box packaging needs, we have the ideal solution for you. Here are some of our box styles:

  • Once piece boxes
  • Two-piece boxes
  • Straight line boxes
  • Tray boxes
  • Drawer boxes
  • Foil paper boxes
  • Carry, Gable, and Handle boxes

This list is in no way conclusive, as we offer other unique box styles to suit specific needs.

Contact us now

Whatever your candle box packaging needs, we can help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote or check out our candle boxes online.

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