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Single Wall Tray Box (VB502)

Single Wall Tray Box (VB502)


The Single Wall Tray Box (VB502) is a durable and versatile packaging solution made from high-quality corrugated cardboard. Its tray-style design and secure closure ensure easy access and maximum visibility for various products. Customisable options allow you to add branding and product information. Perfect for e-commerce, retail, and shipping needs.

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Single Wall Tray Box (VB502)


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    The Single Wall Tray Box (VB502) is a versatile packaging solution designed to meet various product packaging needs. This box is constructed using high-quality single wall corrugated cardboard, ensuring durability and strength while keeping the packaging lightweight. It offers excellent protection for a wide range of products during storage, transit, and display.

    The Single Wall Tray Box (VB502) features a convenient tray-style design with flaps that fold over to create a secure closure. This design provides easy access to the contents while offering maximum product visibility. The sturdy construction of the box prevents crushing, bending, or damage from impacts, ensuring the integrity of your products.

    With its customisable options, this tray box can be tailored to your specific requirements. Choose from different dimensions to accommodate various product sizes. Additionally, branding and product information can be added through high-quality printing, allowing you to enhance your brand identity and promote your products effectively.

    Ideal for e-commerce businesses, retail stores, and shipping purposes, the Single Wall Tray Box (VB502) offers a cost-effective and reliable packaging solution. Its versatility, durability, and customisation options make it an excellent choice for a wide range of products.

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