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Box Styles We Make at Vivo Boxes

Code VB102: Five Panel Hanger Box

Code VB103: Reverse Tuck End Box with Lock

Code VB104: Reverse Tuck End Box

Code VB105: Seal End Box Auto Bottom

Code VB106: Seal End Box

Code VB107: Seal End Hanger Box

Code VB108: Seal End Box w/ Tear Open & Auto Bottom

Code VB109: Seal End with Tear Open Box

Code VB110: 1-2-3 Bottom Hanger Box

Code VB111: Straight Tuck end Box

Code VB112: Tuck Top and Auto Bottom Box with Lock

Code VB113: Tuck Top and Auto Bottom Box

Code VB114: Tuck Top and 1-2-3 Bottom Box with Lock

Code VB201: Cake Box

Code VB202: Gable Auto Bottom

Code VB203: Gable Box 1-2-2 Bottom

Code VB204: Gable Box Tuck in Bottom

Code VB301: Tray and Sleeve

Code VB401: Double Wall Tray and Lid

Code VB501: Foot Lock Tray

Code VB601: Four Corner Cake Box

Code VB602: Four Corner with Display Lid

Code VB603: Header Card

Code VB604: Paper Insert

Code VB605: Half Box / Holster Box

Code VB606: Trapezoidal Box

Code VB607: Envelop Box with Lock

Code VB608: Paper Sleeve

Code VB609: Gusset Bag Style Box

Code VB801: Define Your Own Box Style

Code VB901: PVC Box

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