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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, fuelling you for your adventure ahead. As such, cereal manufacturers deserve to promote their products in the proudest possible terms.

At Vivo Boxes, we’re proud to work with a range of cereal brands in designing their custom cereal boxes, ensuring we represent your refined graphic design, brand

ing, and eye-catching box designs for success in the market.

With our help, your consumers will be so enamoured with your cereal product that it will become a staple meal or snack in their household. But what goes into a cereal packaging box, and what priorities should you be looking for?

Manufacturer of Custom Cereal Boxes

At Vivo Boxes, we’re highly experienced in the design and manufacturing of a range of robust packaging options, all designed to elevate your brand. We believe your products deserve to be shown in their best possible light, inspiring purchases and brand familiarity alike.

For this reason, we’ll investigate the very philosophy behind your product range and what your marketing plans are to sell it. This way, we can integrate unique shapes and custom designs that work best for your exciting product launch.

No matter if you’re promoting your product to cereal or the health market, the packaging experience will accurately convey its qualities to your consumer, and ensure they pick your box over others on the shelf.

Taking Pride In Your Design

As a custom cereal box maker, we always focus on the strongest methods of showcasing your product. For example, fruit and nut cereal could be best shown with viewable windows as part of the box design, showing the large pieces of walnut, dried fruit, and a generous mix of other ingredients.

We also ensure the boxes are designed so as to meet the dimensions of your supplied graphics, allowing that imagery to perfectly wrap around the printed cereal box design. Our 3D models will let you preview the design of your box, ensuring you’re 100% happy with the final look before manufacturing begins.

What Custom Boxes Can Do For Your Brand

At Vivo Boxes, we’re convinced that the first impression your brand offers will influence how consumers regard you. Your marketing is no doubt perfectly primed for the best outcome, but we always ensure the clients we work with are supplied with world-class packaging ready to seal that “sales funnel” deal.

This is why we’ve already achieved a celebrated pedigree in crafting custom style boxes, two piece boxes and high-quality shopping bags to name but a few of our product options.

Put simply: we can accommodate your cereal box request no matter how wacky, unique or intricate the design. We also ensure that your box is designed for practicality, safe storage and to protect the contents inside. After all, cereal boxes are often sold en masse to supermarket brands and hospitality services like hotels – and your product deserves to be consistent from the first spoonful to the last.

Our designs are functional, easy to stack and store, and will retain their condition through global logistics and transportation requirements.

Easy Ordering & Scaleable Solutions

Vivo Boxes are delighted to offer a simple smart process for ordering, to ensure the balls get rolling on your box manufacturing after all approvals have been granted. This starts off with a basic quote depending on the kind of box you need, its volume, and any custom requests you have.

We then ensure your design fits along our die-line template to ensure the best quality control and consistency of output between box designs.

We then manufacture your custom cereal box packaging after you approve our 3D mockups. We can ship to a variety of locations, by air or by sea, to ensure you have the relevant scaled volume of product boxes ready for the final part of your production process.

Our manufacturing process is designed to accommodate and scale to your enterprise needs, which is why we’ve become an essential service for our custom cereal boxes wholesale clients.

Contact Vivo Boxes Today!

Our friendly team will be delighted to process your request. Upon gaining the full details, we will immediately begin the onboarding process, liaising with your design team to know our client and build a healthy relationship.

Our questioning process is designed to help you accurately convey your product goals, your marketing aims and plans, and how Vivo Boxes will fit into that strategy. We’ll then supply a quote, and move on to final approvals.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling, and show the world why your product deserves pride of place on their breakfast table.

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