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Welcome to VIVO BOXES, where we believe that every cupcake deserves a box worthy of celebration.

As pioneers in the world of bespoke packaging solutions, we understand that the journey of indulging in a cupcake starts way before the first bite. It starts with the visual delight and tactile joy of a sweet treat wrapped up in a perfectly crafted box, setting the stage for a sugary symphony.

Experience unmatched elegance and supreme functionality of custom-printed cupcake boxes with VIVO BOXES. Delight Your Customers from the First Glance to the Final Bite

Cupcake Boxes in Every Shape and Size

Every brand has its own distinct voice. And we believe your packaging should reflect this individualism with pride.

Dive head first into our world of custom cupcake boxes, where there’s more to them than meets the eye. Crafted using premium materials, our boxes serve as canvases waiting to be customised with vibrant hues that really reflect your brand. Working together, we can craft stories that mirror not just the tasty cupcakes they protect but also showcase your business values.

VIVO offers affordable yet premium wholesale options to complement the delectable goods in your shop. As your trusted partners in packaging design, our designs capture the spirit of brands no matter what shapes and sizes they come in. Whether you’re a family bakery looking for the perfect custom printing options or a bakery beginner who needs solutions for a single cupcake, we’ve got the personalised packaging solution for you.

All our boxes are made with quality and elegance in mind. And that’s what makes us a leading custom cupcake boxes manufacturer Australia-wide. Let your packaging speak volumes, choose VIVO BOXES.

Why Choose Our Custom Cupcake Packaging Boxes

There isn’t another company out there that makes custom-made cupcake boxes quite like us. With our packaging, you’ll benefit from a final product that’s;

  • Masterful: Create packaging that represents your cupcake mastery, helping make your products shine in today’s highly competitive marketplace.
  • Safe: Each one of our custom boxes is built to accommodate even the most fragile cupcakes and ensure they reach customers intact.
  • Eye-Catching: Engage and win over prospective customers with colourful, printed cupcake boxes that make a big impact.
  • Personalisable: Discover the power of crafting packaging that perfectly expresses the essence of your brand with customisable options tailored specifically for you and your unique requirements.
  • Sustainable: Showcase your brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability with eco-friendly solutions from us that uphold superior quality standards.
  • Memorable: With unique, custom cupcake boxes with logo to house your delicious cupcakes, your customers will keep coming back for more.
  • Valuable: Make your cupcakes feel like luxury by selecting gold foiling packaging that exudes sophistication and extravagance.
  • Stand Out: Stand out in an oversaturated market by offering custom cupcake boxes that amaze and excite your customers.

What Makes VIVO Unique

So, why choose VIVO among a sea of packaging providers?

Well, we believe each and every cupcake packaging box should highlight your products beautifully. And we do that by providing tailor-made solutions at unbeatably reasonable costs.

By collaborating with us, you’ll get more than just beautiful customised cupcake boxes:

  • Wallet Friendly: Excellence and cost-effectiveness come together perfectly with packaging solutions designed to suit your financial plan without sacrificing visuals.
  • Customer Care: With our expert team by your side, you’ll be guided through every stage seamlessly with our support.
  • Efficient Production: Our quicker turnaround times enable businesses to respond swiftly and effectively to market needs at any moment in time.
  • Secure Practices: With our enhanced security measures in place, you can rest easy knowing that when partnering with us your business is safe.
  • Innovation & Quality: We take pride in crafting only top-of-the-line solutions for our clients, creating packaging that’s innovative and robust.

Our reach extends beyond confectionery; we can provide expert solutions across various industries. From custom pet food boxes and tea containers that stand out to retail-ready stationary solutions and cosmetic options. We craft designs that resonate with businesses from every sector of industry.

Tailormade Packaging for Your Business

Crafted to exacting standards, our superior custom boxes will showcase your tantalising cupcakes in the best way possible. Select packaging that perfectly complements your offerings from an array of options covering printed cupcake boxes with silver foiling to uv coated solutions. Every step of the way our experienced team will help you design innovative packaging to enhance your customer journey.

Each box we produce is meticulously handcrafted and customised according to your unique business requirements.

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Are you searching for a custom cupcake box producer? We’re one of the premier establishments in this sector with customising services moulded to meet our client’s requirements. Opt for VIVO BOXES for cupcake packaging from a company that will get it right the first time.

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