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Do your tea boxes look like the competition, or do they stand out? Does your packaging lack a new way to present your tea products? Do you want to be able to showcase and highlight them in ways that will influence your target consumer’s buying decision? If you answered yes, you need expertly manufactured print-quality custom tea boxes to attract potential customers. That (and more) is what Vivo Boxes offers you.

Bespoke tea boxes will unleash your brand identity

You simply cannot underestimate the power of a custom tea box in driving sales. The perfect tea packing should give your target audience reasons to pick your brand over the competition. Yes, taste matters, but your packaging must convince a buyer enough to make them want to taste your product, and creating custom tea boxes will drive that conviction. At Vivo Boxes, we offer you all you need and more regarding tea packaging solutions. Partnering with us is the first step to setting your tea brand apart in an already-choked market.

Boxing solutions for all your tea packaging needs

Tea packaging comes in different types, and you can count on us to cover any solution you need. Ideally, the best option depends on the type of tea you produce, but we can customise your packaging solution to meet any unique requirements. So, you can work with us if you need paper bags, tea tins, rigid boxes, folding cartons, or packages in custom shapes.

Cost-effective production, budget-friendly, sleek and professional appearance, and a better shelf appeal – these are what you’ll get when you allow Vivo Boxes to handle your custom tea packaging needs.

We do more than package your tea products

Our custom solutions offer more than simply branding and packaging your tea products. Working with us has many other benefits that add to your packaging quality.

  • Food-grade quality: Regardless of what packaging option you choose, it needs to be of food-grade quality to ensure your consumers are safe. All our boxes are made of food-grade material, ensuring your product stays fresh and maintains its delightful flavour.
  • An easy ordering system: Dealing with a lengthy and complicated ordering system will only delay your production time. Our easy ordering system will get your boxes to you in no time. Plus, you have complete control over what colours, materials and shapes you prefer during ordering.
  • A longer shelf life: Thanks to our high material quality, your tea products will stay fresh on shelves without losing flavour or risking contamination.
  • We will help you stand out from the crowd: We will help your business rake in more sales by creating and printing custom tea boxes that stand out from the crowd. We understand the crowded market, and our boxes will help turn more attention to your products.
  • Higher material quality: We offer only the best in terms of material quality with skilful printing to distinguish your brand from others. We understand what tea lovers want to see in the ultimate packaging, and we can create a partnership that will make buyers want to reach for your product ahead of the competitors’

We offer different types of custom boxes in various styles

Do you want to freshen up your tea product packaging? Are you stuck on the best box style for your product? Do you want to try something new, truly unique and different from what’s already on the market? Then, you’ll love our different styles of custom boxes. Thanks to their structure, our boxes simplify storage while enhancing your product’s shelf appeal. You can also customise them with various printing and finishing options. We offer the following packaging styles:

  • Straight line boxes
  • One-piece boxes
  • Two-piece boxes
  • Drawer boxes
  • Tray boxes
  • Foil paper boxes
  • Carry, Gable, and Handle boxes

We also offer many other styles of tea boxes. Bespoke tea packaging will make teal lovers notice your product among the competing brands on store shelves. We offer different packaging solutions to suit different marketing and branding needs. We can help you create unique boxes that are perfect for your product, so do not hesitate to work with us for all your tea packaging needs.

Contact us today to get started

Don’t hesitate to contact us now if you need custom tea boxes or bespoke tea packaging solutions. We understand how important the right packaging is to attracting potential customers and growing your business. Our boxes deliver on functionality and aesthetics and will play a crucial role in building brand success.

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