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Renowned Manufacturer of One Piece Product Packaging Boxes

One piece boxes are the perfect packaging solution for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry and has been for many years. When it comes to the one piece box manufacturing in Australia you need to ensure that the delivery of the final product exceeds expectations, VIVO BOXES PRINTING do just that. We have been supplying custom box manufacturing and custom box printing for many years now and are committed to delivering our clients the highest quality in packaging solutions.

At VIVO BOXES PRINTING you can expect a professional and innovative team that have a true passion for helping our clients with their packaging needs. We have been supplying one piece boxes to many different industries in Australia such as food, confectionary, cosmetic and pharmaceutical and have developed strong relationships with our clients.

Our attention to detail, coupled with our customer care and service have contributed to our renowned success in the custom packaging industry. Our high quality and affordable box printing and packaging products exceed our client’s expectations and keep us at the forefront of the one piece boxes wholesaler market.

One Piece Product Packaging Boxes of various Shape & Size

In need of custom one piece boxes?
VIVO BOXES PRINTING has been delivering affordable, high quality one piece boxes to many big supply chains Australia wide as well as servicing and catering for smaller production requirements for businesses. We are able to keep prices low due to our investment in state of the art automated machinery.

The current market for custom box manufacturing demands the final product be flawless in design and printing, while keeping costs as low as possible. VIVO BOXES PRINTING has taken one piece box manufacturing to new heights with our company’s investment into the most up to date manufacturing facility and equipment in China. We are committed to deliver packaging solutions in line with market trends at the most affordable prices as possible without compromising quality.

Our One Piece Boxes are Unique

As a one piece box wholesaler and manufacturer we can help you to create a custom packaging solution that is right for your products, with many other styles of custom boxes and printing services available we can help you stand out from your competitors.

Whatever the shape and size required for your one piece boxes, VIVO BOXES PRINTING can help in the manufacture and supply of your unique packaging needs.

Visit VIVO BOXES PRINTING at and explore all our best quality one piece packaging boxes at affordable prices. For any query visit our website. You can also call us on +613 8795 7742 or Email us at

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