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Pillow Box (VB612)

Pillow Box (VB612)


The Pillow Box (VB612) is a chic and durable packaging solution perfect for gifts, party favours, and small item storage. Its pillow-shaped design, easy assembly, and customisation options make it a versatile choice for presenting your products in style.

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Pillow Box (VB612)


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    The Pillow Box (VB612) is a sleek and versatile packaging solution designed to add elegance and charm to your products. Carefully crafted, this pillow-shaped box offers a soft and inviting look that will impress your customers. Made from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and protection for your items.

    This box is ideal for a variety of uses, including gift packaging, party favours, and small item storage. Its spacious interior allows for easy fitting of items such as jewellery, small accessories, and confectionery. The foldable design and secure tab closure ensure hassle-free assembly and reliable closure.

    The Pillow Box (VB612) can be personalised to showcase your brand. With options for custom printing your logo, artwork, or special messages, you can create a unique packaging experience that leaves a lasting impression. Choose from a range of colours and finishes to complement your brand aesthetic and create a visually appealing packaging solution.

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