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Gusset Bag Style Box (VB609)

Gusset Bag Style Box (VB609)


The Gusset Bag Style Box (VB609) is a versatile packaging solution that combines the functionality of a gusset bag with the sturdiness of a box. With expandable side gussets, this box accommodates items of varying thicknesses or multiple products. Its durable construction ensures reliable protection during storage and transportation. The sleek and customisable design makes it suitable for various products, while adding a professional touch to your packaging. Enhance your packaging solutions with the convenience and versatility of the Gusset Bag Style Box.


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Gusset Bag Style Box (VB609)


    Product Box Details

    The Gusset Bag Style Box (VB609) is a versatile and practical packaging solution suitable for a wide range of products. With its gusseted sides, this box offers ample space for packaging bulkier items or products that require extra room. Made from durable materials, it provides excellent protection and maintains the integrity of the contents during storage and transportation.

    The box features a user-friendly design with easy folding and assembly. It can be securely closed using various closure options such as adhesive strips or ties, ensuring that the items inside are well-contained. The professional and sleek appearance of the Gusset Bag Style Box enhances the overall presentation of the product, making it visually appealing to customers.

    This box is widely used in industries such as food, retail, and e-commerce. It is suitable for packaging items like confectioneries, apparel, gifts, and more. The versatility and durability of the Gusset Bag Style Box make it an excellent choice for packaging a variety of products.

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