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Custom Tins from Vivo Packaging Pty Ltd are Great and Smart Ways to Add a New Dimension to Your Branding

Custom tins from Vivo Packaging Pty Ltd will add value and a new dimension to your branding. Furthermore, our custom tins will take your products and branding to the next level. You will be able to set your business apart from competition with a set of custom made tins. Our custom tin is attractive, affordable, and unique. It makes a smart and perfect way to promote your products and brands.

Designing your own tin boxes is made easy with us at Vivo Packaging.

We have diverse printing and customisation techniques of making custom tins that will completely represent your brand. 

From small to large, we have a Tin Box for almost every type of product: coffee, tea, confectionary, spices, gifts, personal items, bathroom storage, kitchen storage, haberdashery… the possibilities are endless.

In order to create something truly unique, we are able to tool, create, and manufacture custom-made tins to your exact specifications. Branded tins made to your bespoke requirements will help ensure packaging success and instant consumer recognition.

Our extensive knowledge of tin printing and production ensures you get the very best guidance when creating a new tin. However, to avoid the costs associated with new tooling, we also have a large range of existing moulds that enables us to offer a variety of shapes, styles and sizes at minimum set up cost. 

The minimum order quantity for our custom tins is typically around 3,000-5,000.

Consider custom tins from us if shelf-stability and shelf-appeal are very important to you. Stand out with our custom embossing, registered, and high-definition graphics. Our decades of experience made us known all over the custom tin industry as a leader when it comes to innovation and marketing. Our custom tins have won more than a few impressive awards from the packaging industry. We lead while others follow!

Vivo Packaging works with different packaging industries offering custom tins like tea tins, coffee tins, cosmetic tins, promotional tins, cookie tins, metal signs, mint tins, wine and spirit tins. Our team of experts is always on ground and pleased to help you make the set of custom tins you have always been longing for.

Please visit our website at https://www.vivopak.com.au/tin-boxes/ today to learn more about our custom tins or contact us to discuss your packaging needs in more details!