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What’s the difference between a box bottom pouch and a stand up pouch and which one is better?

Choosing the right packaging format for your product can be a very complicated task. When you are just launching your idea to the market, you need to attract a large number of customers in a short time, therefore, your package must be a spokesperson for what your brand or company has to offer. In this way, you have to be able to distinguish it from your competition and work hard to convey the quality of the product that is on inside.

The variety of products we can sell is very wide, right? It ranges from large artifacts to small utensils or even food and, as you can imagine, this last niche is the one that is most commercialized. Eating is a need of the human being; therefore, it is very common to see how the market is increasingly filled with different types of food. Currently, due to the busy life of people, we can see that the vast majority of them are sold packaged, an example of this are long-term food, treats and pet food.

In this manner, we have the most common formats used to pack food are Stand-Up Pouch and Box Bottom Pouch. Do you know what it is about? Have you heard about them? If not, continue reading and discover the differences between these two modalities.

  • Box Bottom Pouch.

This style of packaging is also known as Side Gusseted Bag. It is made in the form of a rectangle and its bottom is reinforced and sealed on the sides. Similarly, the vertical sides of the bag are folded to allow it to rise straight on its base. The back panel of the bag has a flap seal in the middle, which facilitates its packaging and opening. As for the brand message, the bag structure allows them to be placed on the front, back and side panels. An example of this is coffee packaging, block bottom bags have been a very popular bag style for it.

  • Stand-Up Pouch.

This type of packaging revolutionized the world of sales when it was first introduced and, since then, it has been the favorite of many. It consists of a type of flexible packaging that can be placed upright in its lower part. It is also known as doypack and it is commonly used for powders or ready-to-drink beverages. Its lower part is designed so that it supports the entire structure and allows you to see the content that is inside the pouch, that is to say, it is reinforced and support for viewing.

Which one is the best?

Choosing the best packaging style depends, to a large extent, on the needs of the product in conjunction with what the brand wants to achieve. However, you can highlight the practicality and innovation that accompanies the Stand-Up Pouch style. In conclusion, the doypackis a perfect package to pack all kinds of products, whether solid, powdered, gels or liquids thanks to its high strength and high capacity to preserve the properties of its contents. In addition, due to the reduction in weight and volume, its carbon footprint is reduced as far as transport is concerned, so we could say that it is a container committed to the environment.