Flat Bottom Pouches

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Flat Bottom Pouches have completely flat bottom and so they are known as “Flat Bottom Pouches”. These are also known as “Box Bottom Pouches, Block Bottom Pouches or 8 Side Seal Pouches”.

Flat bottom pouches are the premium packaging option of choice. It combines the best of stand up doy and side gusset packaging features. This style uses up to 15% less film yet holds more volume than traditional stand up bags. The flexible box bag mimics a folding carton or corrugated box and is perfect to package anything that historically would go into them such as cereal, granola, crackers and snacks. The flat bottom allows this pouch to stand effectively and the side gussets give additional space for custom printing and brand building. 

Our flat bottom bags are able to stand steadily on the shelves when we fill the contents into the bags so they provide an elegant appearance on the shelves to attract consumers. These pouches are a unique and innovative packaging solution that would be surely helpful for distinguishing your products and grabbing the attention of the consumers at the point of purchase.

Key Benefits include:

  • Improved shelf presence
  • Better cube utilization
  • Better package to product ratio
  • Faster filling rates